Landlord Information

What is a Property Condition Report?

Accurate Condtion Reports and current photos of the property are prepared prior to the tenant's occupancy. This helps to ensure that your property is left in good condition. Copies of our Condition Report are signed and exchanged with the tenant, the original is kept in our office for future reference. A copy of the lease and Condition Report shall be forwarded to you for your information and files.

What is a Routine Inspection?

It is our practice to drive past managed rental properties on a regular basis and perform curb-side inspections. On the basis that there have been no complaints, excessive maintenance requests or payment problems, routine inspections shall be carried out at the first 3 months and then every 6 months after that. This is to ensure that the property is being maintained in optimum condition. Written reports are completed on all these inspections and forwarded to your for recommendation and attention.

What happens when a tenant stops paying rent?

Under current legislation we can only issue a Notice to Vacate when the tenant is 14 days in arrears. Prior to this we will continue to phone the tenant and send arrears notices in an effort clear up the matter. We will contact you if we feel there is a need for concern over payments and seek your instruction to issue a final notice to vacate or an application to VCAT.

How do tenants pay their rent?

Tenants have several options to pay their rent, leaving no excuse for late payments, by cash, cheque, money order or Internet Banking through their chosen financial institution , we will supply the tenant with our account details to arrange an automatic transfer.

When and how does the rent money get paid into my account?

Rental Disbursements are conducted fortnightly or at the end of the month, depending on which suits your mortgage. We ask that your mortgage payments are always in advance to allow for any delays with disbursements or receipt of rent. You will be sent or emailed a statement and any invoices for maintenance relating to that disbursement.

Our property management department will transfer funds from our Trust account to you overnight through EFT banking on the first business day following the fortnight or end of month payment. This means we can deposit your rental income into your bank within 24 hours of the statement being produced. Your rent has been banked by the time you receive your statement. There is no charge for this service.