Renter Information

Condition Report 

A condition report will be conducted before the commencement of the rental agreement and you will be issued with two copies of the report. 

Please ensure you inspect the property thoroughly and add any of your own notes (including damage) and take photos if you can. 

One copy of the completed and signed condition report must be returned to our office within five business days of moving in.    

Contents Insurance  

It is highly recommended for renters to have contents insurance! 

It is extremely important renters understand that if their belongings were to be damaged or destroyed in the property due to fire, storm damage, power outages etc. your belongings and possessions are NOT covered under the rental providers insurance. 

Please speak with your insurance company in depth regarding coverage for your belongings. 

Please Note:  If you do not have contents insurance, Colac To Coast Real Estate and your rental provider will not be liable for renters damaged or destroyed items. 

If damages or an accident that destroys the property due to renter error, the rental providers insurance will not cover the renters possessions and the renter may be liable for the rental providers excess on the house/building insurance. 


Non-Urgent Maintenance 

All non-urgent maintenance must be reported to our office in writing (please include the date on your request) or by using the Console Tenant App.   

Maintenance can be emailed to: 

Urgent Maintenance 

Anything on the below list is legally defined as an urgent repair: 

  • Burst water service 
  • Blocked or broken toilet system 
  • Serious roof leak 
  • Gas leak 
  • Dangerous electrical fault 
  • Flooding or serious flood damage 
  • Serious storm or fire damage 
  • An essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering is not working 
  • The gas, electricity or water supply is not working 
  • A cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider is not working 
  • The property does not meet minimum standards 
  • A safety related device, such as a smoke alarm or pool fence, is not working 
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working and causes a lot of water to be wasted. 
  • Any fault or damage in the property that makes it unsafe or insecure, including pest, mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure. 
  • A serious problem with a lift or staircase  

Please contact our agency immediately if any of the listed items occur during your agreement period.  For all urgent repairs during and after hours, please contact 5231 3288. 

Please note that only urgent repairs will be attended to out of office hours.   

If your maintenance request is non-urgent, you must report this to our office in writing. 

Routine Inspections 

Colac To Coast will conduct regular routine inspections of the property.  The first inspection will take place after you have been in the property for three months and then every six months after.  Drive by inspections are also conducted regularly. 

The purpose of the routine inspection is to provide a report the rental provider on the condition of the property.  We also check for maintenance and required repairs as well as recommendations for the rental provider. 

Photos will be taken internally and externally to support the inspection report. 

A minimum of seven days notice will be provided and if you are not at home to let us into the property we will enter with our keys held at the office. 

Ending Your Rental Agreement 

It is a requirement that renters provided a minimum of 28 days notice of their intention to vacate the property. 

Please provide our office formal notice in writing as soon as you know that you will be vacating.    

Renters on fixed term agreements will automatically move to a month to month agreement at the end of the agreement if a new fixed term is not negotiated and entered in to. 

Breaking Your Rental Agreement 

If you have a fixed term agreement and wish to end it earlier than the termination date, please contact our office immediately to discuss. 

You may be responsible to pay fees and charges to break a lease including rent, advertising fees and fees to re-let the property. 

During Your Rental Agreement 

Change of Renters 

The rental provider has approved the occupants specifically listed on the rental agreement. 

Should a new renter wish to occupy the property, a rental application must be completed.  The application will then be processed, and our agency will seek approval from the rental provider. 

Should a renter wish to vacate the property, the office must be notified immediately, and the rental provider must also approve. 

All changes to renters must be reflected in the rental agreement and the bond (held with the RTBA). 

Please note that there may be a cost incurred for change of renters. 

If you have misplaced your keys during business hours, you may attend the office and sign out our spare set of keys.  These are to be returned to the office once you have gained access to the property. 

If you have misplaced your keys outside of business hours you may require the services of a Locksmith to assist you.  This will be at the cost of the renter. 

If you change the locks at any stage throughout the agreement, a spare key must be given to our office immediately. 

Property Damage 

If property damage occurs, you are obligated to report the damage to Colac To Coast immediately.  If the damage is non-urgent and has happened out of business hours, please contact our office on the next business day. 

Safety and Privacy 

You have a right to privacy, peace and quiet.  This means that you must not disturb your neighbours or others around your rental property. 

Smoke Alarms 

If you believe that the smoke alarms installed at the property are not functioning, please contact our office immediately. 

A number of our rental providers employ the companies to service and maintain the smoke alarms in their properties. 

Lawns and Gardens 

Unless agreed upon with the rental provider, renters are responsible for the maintenance of the lawns and gardens at the rental property.  This includes mowing, weeding, edging, pruning and watering.   

Our office can provide you with contact details of gardeners should you require assistance.  This will be at the renters cost.